Australian Deaf Games

* Dec 1984 ~ Jan 1985 - 8th Australian Deaf Games in Perth, Western Australia

I have enter to Australian Deaf Games first time but just visit / sometime play.

* Dec 1987 ~ Jan 1988 - 9th Australian Deaf Games in Brisbane, Queensland

Feel too tired because I play lawn bowling on daytime before go to darts on nighttime.

* Dec 1990 ~ Jan 1991 - 10th Australian Deaf Games in Hobart, Tasmania

My mother, Patricia Stevenson was a visitor for Australian Deaf Games first time.

* Dec 1993 ~ Jan 1994 - 11th Australian Deaf Games in Adelaide, South Australia

Travel to Adelaide by Ex-Farrar School, James Ashley who work as  bus driver to ride by bus with NSW Deaf Lawn Bowling team with NSW senior group. Stopover in Hay overnight.

* Dec 1996 ~ Jan 1997 - 12th Australian Deaf Games in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

* Jan 2001 - 13th Australian Deaf Games in Perth, Western Australia

I am happy that I with Leslie Pearson won pair championship first time - Video was in YouTube - go to 54:15

* April 2003 - 14th Australian Deaf Games in Sydney, New South Wales

It is my last ADG that I have play lawn bowling in Western Suburb Bowling Club before quit due lack of players of Sydney Deaf Lawn Bowling group.

* Jan 2018 - 18th Australian Deaf Games in Albury, New South Wales / Wodonga, Victoria

I have come back to ADG.

Reunion of Kogarah High School O.D. Dart players
Leeanne Johnson-Haggerty, Jane Johnson-Haggerty & Graeme Stevenson
This photo we hold - 1978 KHS O.D. School classes

* Jan 2024 - 19th Australian Deaf Games in Newcastle/Lake Macquire, New South Wales

Deaf Darts Australia has pull out of ADG due too dear/epensive of registration fee with play fee.

National Deaf Darts Championship

* Dec 2014 ~ Jan 2015 - National Deaf Darts Championship (Trail only) in Perth, Western Australia.

Virginia Cooper, Louise Blockley, Amanda Day, Peter Goddard, Peter Hansen & Graeme Stevenson

* Dec 2019 ~ Jan 2020 - 1st National Deaf Darts Championship in Dandenong South, Melbourne, Australia

* Dec 2025 ~ Jan 2026 - 2nd National Deaf Darts Championship in Perth, Western Australia

Stanmore Deaf Bowling & Recreation Club / Sydney Deaf Lawn Bowling Group (Burwood Bowling Club then Ashfield Bowling Club)


Lost Major Singles Final against ??? ??? in Burwood Bowling Club on 199?

Photo on 2000 in Ashfield Bowling Club


Back row: Tom Robson, Bob Herman & Noel Pickard

Front row: Graeme Stevenson (Secretary), Bob Conacher (Vice-President), Jack Shaw (Patron), Ben Taylor (President) & George Goswell (Treasurer)


Back row: Harry Passlow, Geoffrey Kellock, Barry Knapman, Alf Allen, Peter Hannan, Dennis Johnston, Leslie Pearson, Tom Robson, Ian Fuller,  Noel Pichard, Alan, Jones, Alan Gardiner, Bob Herman & John Cornish
Front row: Graeme Stevenson (Secretary), Bob Conacher (Vice-President), Jack Shaw (Patron), Ben Taylor (President) & George Goswell (Treasurer)

Update on 2020: 7 of 19 memebrs of SDBG was alive - Geoffrey Kellock, Barry Knapman, Dennis Johnson, Leslie Pearson, Tom Robson, Ian Fuller & Graeme Stevenson.

Sydney Stars Deaf Tenpin Bowling Club

Thank to Calven Cheung to ask me to go to play Tenpin Bowling in Blacktown on 2012 after quit lawn bowling on April 2002.

Still play tenpin bowling near 8 years.


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