My Diary

Saturday 1st February 2020 Weather is really very hot - 44C in Liverpool
I with Elizabeth Martin has gone to shopping (Westfield Liverpool) to talk to Radio Rental about rip-off. Will sign up for Dyson Hot/Cool fan on Saturday next week
Have shopping in Coles to buy Healthy foods.
I have brought 3 underpants & 3 underwear because I forget to get it from my home.
Arrive home that my underwear has go wet because of heavy sweat.
Hard to sleep due hot humid that got heavy wet underwear.
Sunday 2nd February 2020 Woke up at 5.15am to have a shower to get clean because of wet underwear.
Left home at 6.20am to walk to Brickmaker bus stop to catch T80 (6.50am). Because of T2 South Lines was closed between Fairfield & Macauthur due rail trackwork.
Found smell of smoke haze before I wore fiber mask to stop smell bushfire smoke.
Bus arrive but noticed "Sorry. Not in Service" on top of display screen. Told bus driver to check Route display screen. He get off to check and get back to change route number on electronic. He did thumb up to me. Reply to him that make me happy.
Ride to way to Parramatta to catch train to Blacktown.
Arrive to Blacktown but too early as 8.05am so went to Westpoint Blacktown to wait for McDonald to open at 8.30am. Take off my fiber mask.
Order 2 hash brown & 1 medium Chocolate shake for breakfast.
Go up to Level 4 to way to Zone Bowling but wait until it can open at 9am.
Open at 9am & pay $25 for 3 games. Chat to any deaf friends until 9.50am before go to Lane 19 to join Warren Thompson (my KHS schoolmate). Lane 20 is Chad Russell (my high Facebook friendship).
Silent for 1 minute for Warren Thompson's wife, Janie pass away 2 weeks ago.
Chad & I play very well but not happy because of Air conditioning problem that he with me felt hot sweat.
Chad score is 602 & my score is 612 (10 point Between Chad & me). Very strong to play well. He with me need to play practice to make prefect for National Deaf Tenpin Bowling Championship in Orange on Easter 2020.
Chad came 5th before I came 3rd.
Walk back to buy lunch in Taco Bell (takeaway only I want). Walk to Blacktown station to catch train to Central station to change to way back to my hometown, Kingsgrove).
Feel tired and take clothes (expect underwear & underpant) before go to sleep for 2 hours. Woke up at 3.15pm.
I have to process to do my official homepage - new link "My Diary" and update of "SSDTBC with new image of "Zone Bowling" result.
I love "MKR" (stand for My Kitchen Rules) The Rivals which start at 7pm.
9pm to have a shower before go to bed.

Wednesday 1st July 2020
BUT Catch-up meeting under Microsoft Teams (have Live caption).
Thursday 2nd July 2020
Left home at 8.30am to way to Parramatta by T8 Airport lines to Padstow before catch M92 double decker bus.
Get off in Parramatta & walk to Westfield Parramatta. Did see Craig Henderson in
Chat almost an hour with breakfast. Both use toasted Banana Bread but different hot drink - Crag for Hot Chocolate & me for Mocha.
I got bit trouble that I have fail to use BUT Meeting at 11.00am
Chat until near 12noon & walk to way to Cash Converters to purchase 8 DVDs (Total is $39) as below:
* WWE - TLC (Tables | Ladders | Chairs)
* Dawn of the Dead
* The Green Mile
* The Cook & The Chef - Spring
* My Sri Lanka
* Under Siege
* Freaky Friday
* RENO 911


Friday 3rd July 2020
BUT Catch-up meeting under Microsoft Teams (have Live caption).
Leave home to way to 95 place (Elizabeth).
4.25pm - Left 95 place to way to Bigge Park for free dinner (homeless).
Catch 5.50pm 865 bus to way to 95 place.
Eat hot dinner from free dinner while watch 6pm TV news plus watch NRL app (have Telstra data-free service) - Canberra RAIDERS vs St George-Illawarra DRAGONS.
Oh No what a lost that it is 2nd lost in a row. Score is 22 to 16.
Off to sleep from 9.00pm
Saturday 4th July 2020
Woke up at 9.00am & recheck from my iPad about Gas Heater.
Stay in 95 place (Elizabeth) until left at 12.30pm to way to my home.
Sunday 5th July 2020
Woke up at 5.30am for an shower.
Left home at 6.30am to way to wait for Rail Bus because of T8 Airport Lines close due railway trackwork between Glenfield & Sydenham/Wolli Creek.
Arrive to Sydenham to walk to Platform 3 (Bankstown line) to catch train to Redfern.
Arrive to Redfern to change to Platform 4 to way to Blacktown vis Penrith. But too early so have breakfast in McDonald at Blacktown Railway Station - Order Hot Cake, 2 Hash Brown (A woman gave me one free) & large Mocha.
when breakfast finish, walk to Westpoint to enter to Food Court to wait for Cathy Lee.. Cathy did see me and chat but she told me that Zone Bowling Blacktown can open at 10am due COVID-19 law.
Walk with Cathy to way to BIG W. Purchase 2 computer things - LASER colour change mousepad. & LOGITECH wireless mouse.
Meet Karen Finley & a deaf friend.
Walk together to way back to food court until 9.50pm to go up to Zone Bowling (Level 4).
Door open 10am (12 deaf players attended) and pay $25 per 3 until got to play practice for 10 mins before start at 10.30am for 3 games.
1st game: 113 / 2nd game: 122 / 3rd game: 111
Handicap: 127 per game: Total is 559
Play all single in each lanes
no winner so left on way back to Blacktown station.
Walk back to catch T5 Cumberland  Lines to way to Liverpool & change train to way to Glenfield to catch Rail Bus to way to Kingsgrove.
I feel very tired & undress into underwear & underpant & went back to sleep until 5pm
5.00pm - watch TV news
6.00pm - watch TV news (Sydney)
7.30pm - watch MasterChef 2020 - Oh no that Poh has been eliminated. Now Top 6 left.
Off to sleep at 9.45pm

Monday 6th July 2020
9.00am - BUT Catch-up meeting under Microsoft Teams (have Live caption).
Tuesday 7th July 2020
BORED!!! Nothing as still use pajama all day.
Watch TV on bed. Long sleep...
Wednesday 8th July 2020
9.00am BUT Catch-up meeting under Microsoft Teams (have Live caption).
10.30am - Chat to Hayley We1ls from Deaf Society
1.30pm - Meeting with NOVA Employment team under ZOOM Video chat.

Tuesday 1st Novemver 2022


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